Three Reasons To Conduct An Asbestos Survey Before Purchasing A House In Australia

If you are considering purchasing a new home, it is important to have a thorough inspection conducted. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the risks of asbestos and fail to conduct an asbestos survey before they purchase a house. Here are three reasons why you should conduct an asbestos survey before purchasing any property in Australia. 1. An Asbestos Survey Will Identify Potential Problems Before They Arise An expert will be able to identify if any type of materials in your home contain asbestos or not.

Using Covid-19 Cleaning to Keep Your Workplace Safe

The Covid-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of responsibility when it comes to keeping your workplace safe. As an employer, you may need to tighten hygiene measures or introduce new ones to reduce the spread. If this is an area that you need to review, it may help to learn more about how you can reduce the spread of Covid-19 while at work. Replenish Hand Sanitiser and Soap Make sure the areas where your employees routinely wash their hands benefits from ample hand sanitiser and soap.