Deciding Between Transformer Repair and Replacement

Very few people think about transformers and their role in supplying entire municipalities with electricity. When maintained well, a transformer can serve you for more than a decade. However, when neglected, they will get damaged before their time. One of the ways to lengthen the life and service of your transformers is to stay vigilant for signs of damage. You should call a technician for repairs if you notice signs of complications. Here are some signs to help you decide between transformer repair and replacement.

The Age and Size of the System

All appliances age with time. As transformers age, they lose their efficiency in power division and transmission. They also become more prone to system breakdowns. Therefore, you might have to call a technician more often for repairs with an older transformer than when dealing with a new model. Also, older transformers have an inferior quality of core lamination than new models. Repairing them is challenging because you might not get the same bushing and tank configurations. You should, therefore, find out the age of your unit before deciding whether to make routine repairs or overhaul and replace it. 

The Cost of Repairs Versus Replacement

In most cases, comparing the repair costs with that of a replacement is a straightforward process. One-time repairs are cheaper than trying to replace the entire system. However, repairs only become uneconomical when the system keeps breaking down often. In such a situation, you have to choose the option whose initial cost seems high but will eventually save you money. The good thing about transformers is that even in the worst-case scenarios of blow-ups, you will still find it easy to reuse the core, tank and accessories, which makes repairs a feasible option. 

The Time Taken

Every moment the transformer stays down translates to a section of the city not receiving power. This interruption leads to massive losses and customer dissatisfaction. However, with the right team, it is easy to repair your unit within a short time. In most cases, repairs to a blown part of the system take less time than installing a new unit because the entire system is already configured and harmonized with the rest of the grid.

Repairing a damaged transformer is an excellent and quick solution to damage and the following power outages. You should have competent technicians to manage the repairs. They will have the system back up and running within a few hours, ending your worry and anxiety. 

To learn more about power transformers, talk to a professional.