Using Covid-19 Cleaning to Keep Your Workplace Safe

The Covid-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of responsibility when it comes to keeping your workplace safe. As an employer, you may need to tighten hygiene measures or introduce new ones to reduce the spread. If this is an area that you need to review, it may help to learn more about how you can reduce the spread of Covid-19 while at work.

Replenish Hand Sanitiser and Soap

Make sure the areas where your employees routinely wash their hands benefits from ample hand sanitiser and soap. Employees who wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds when they use the bathroom and routinely throughout the day can reduce the spread of Covid-19. Making hand sanitiser available gives them another way to kill virus particles that spread onto their hands. As some employees may be asymptomatic, having these extra tools in place can prove useful for routine testing.

Clean Touch Points Routinely

If there are touch points that multiple employees use throughout your building, make sure you don't neglect cleaning them. Common examples include number pads, door handles and shared keyboards. If you haven't done so already, review these areas with your cleaning team and provide them with a checklist so they can clean them at the end of each day. You may also want to provide your employees with disinfectant wipes so that they can clean such areas when they use them.

Use Fogging When You're Aware of a Case

It's hard to avoid a Covid-19 case entering your building altogether. With asymptomatic cases occurring each day, an employee may discover they're positive via routine testing. When this happens, consider using a Covid-19 cleaning service that involves fogging. The person performing the fogging will use a machine to disperse droplets throughout the areas your employee entered. The chemicals involved have strong anti-viral properties, so they can kill the virus and protect against further incidents. 

Provide Bins for PPE

Even if your business doesn't usually rely on PPE for safe operations, your employees will likely wear masks during Covid-19 outbreaks. To prevent cross-contamination, provide them with bins that can accommodate PPE. Such bins should benefit from bags that are used for incinerating so that the people collecting your waste can safely dispose of it. Make sure you mark the bins clearly so that employees don't confuse them with general waste and vice-versa.

Finally, ensure you review your Covid-19 safety and cleaning policies routinely so you can remain confident that they're up-to-date for your workplace.

Contact a Covid-19 cleaning service near you to learn more.