Power Transformer Repair: Promoting Good Performance and Preventing Accidents

Power transformers are designed and built for prolonged service. In simple terms, these structures are constructed using tough materials to prevent failure and premature ageing while working in high-demand industrial environments. Unfortunately, transformers can sustain damage and decline in function. Common malfunctions include overheating, short-circuiting, gassing and accessories failure. Most of these problems can be repaired. This option is cheaper than replacing the transformer, and it will promote better long-term performance. If you are interested in repairing your declining transformer, consider using these guidelines to promote good results and prevent accidents.

Choose a Specialist

Transformers are high-voltage pieces of electrical equipment. Handling these units during repair can be dangerous even with the right personal protective gear. If a person comes in contact with the high charge, they could suffer from electrical shock and even electrocution. Moreover, the charge might cause harm to your industrial property. For instance, the leaking electricity could damage appliances or even initiate a fire. Therefore, you should choose a qualified transformer specialist for your repair and restoration work. This will ensure that the unit is repaired while minimising the risks.

Evaluate the Environment

You should ensure that there is a suitable space for working on the power transformer during the electrical repairs. If the environment has a lot of unsuitable elements, it will compromise the restorative work. Also, the risk of accidents will increase. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate the workspace before commencing the repair tasks. Make sure that there are no flammable items, including fuel and explosive materials. You should also not work in an area with excessive heat because this could damage the transformer. Additionally, excess humidity or moisture will make the environment hostile for repair. Choose a cool, clean and dry place for the best results.

Inspect the Transformer

It is important to inspect the power transformer thoroughly before and after conducting the repair tasks. This practice is crucial for identifying all problems. Keep in mind that oversights during transformer restoration could result in a dangerous situation. If an obvious or underlying problem is ignored and left in place, it could cause future problems such as electrical discharge, short-circuiting and overheating. There are some common aspects that you should check during the inspection. For instance, physical damage to the transformer and its accessories such as the coolers, bushings and arrestors will be obvious through visual exploration. You should also look for signs of insulation systems failure. Ensure that these problems are eliminated before using the transformer.