Why You May Need a Mechanised Approach to Rendering

Suppose you want to finish off a relatively small construction project around your home and may want to decorate an external wall. In that case, you might bring in a contractor who specialises in plastering or rendering. This individual would then use a very specific technique and would take advantage of the skills learned through apprenticeship and everyday work in order to complete the job to your satisfaction. Yet is this the right approach if you have a major commercial project on hand, or should you choose something that is a lot more mechanised instead?

Moving Things Along

Sometimes, automation makes a lot more sense, and if your project is particularly large, you may want to bring in one of several different types of plastering machine. These can certainly make light work of this job and can be equally as efficient (if not more so) as the tradesmen.


Each of these machines is built for a specific purpose. At the top end of the range, you will find equipment that uses a twin-piston pump and can apply a variety of different mixes to the chosen surface. Consequently, if the application calls for specialist mortars, insulating material, plaster or screed, this machine can stand up to the task. It will be reliable and cost-effective, and it is relatively easy to transport as well.


Other machines may be more economical, albeit with a smaller working volume. They will nevertheless come with an integral mixing chamber and shaft, and a rotary coupling that allows for continuous operation.

Flexible Options

Many of these machines have a variable range speed control, which allows them to work with different products and consistencies. Some jobs may require a gentle application, while others may only work under pressure. Either way, you will be able to configure the equipment before work begins, and you can expect an outstanding result. Furthermore, they will all come with the latest specification of rendering gun, which will use automatic valve technology to ensure that the workspace is kept as clean as possible.

Placing Your Order

If your job has to be completed in a certain amount of time, then you may well need to choose a particular rendering machine. Make sure that you hire a building rendering technician in your area. They will work with you to ensure that the work is done to your satisfaction by using the latest technology.