CNC Machining: Why It Beats Traditional Methods of Machining Parts

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a modern technique that uses computer software to create machined tools through the use of various materials such as steel, bronze, aluminium, gold, and other metals. CNC machining is an advancement from the traditional machining methods which used machine tools together with a sharp cutter to design material. With the old-school approach, the process is time-consuming, and there is no assurance that the parts will achieve 100% uniformity in design. If you are a small or large business looking for a machining technique, CNC machining could be your ideal option due to the following benefits;

Achieve Intricate Designs

Do your manufacturing needs involve the production of machined parts with sophisticated designs that cannot be achieved with a manual tool? If so, CNC machining is your best bet at creating intricate yet uniform designs on your machined parts. CAD drawing software is used to create simulated models which are then translated into the machine language. Unlike the traditional methods where machine tools such as mills, lathes, grinders, and water jet cutters are used together with a cutting device, CNC machining uses the software to control the tools' movement on the part. As a result, you can achieve complicated and fragile specifications to meet your production needs.

Create Duplicate Parts

It is with no doubt that traditional machining methods are not reliable when replicating parts. Since there is no software used, it is hard to achieve a uniform design on all the replicable parts. However, with CNC machining, the CAD software feeds the model into the computer, and the same is replicated on the parts using the machine tools. The design, shape, and measurements are all the same as indicated on the simulated model. As a result, CNC machining is an ideal choice for productions that require replicating parts that are 100% similar in style.

Reduce Errors in Production

Machining errors are costly and time-wasting. Once a part has been ruined, you cannot salvage it. Unfortunately, this is common when using conventional machining methods. A mishap may occur during cutting or the design on some parts may look off compared to the rest. Such errors can cause substantial losses in business. CNC machining offers you consistency and accuracy in production. All measurements and designs are machined as indicated on the software. Together with the speed associated with CNC technology, this promotes efficiency and cost-savings in production.

CNC machining is an ideal option for creating intricate designs and achieving uniformity in machined parts. Contact a reputed contractor to discuss your machining needs and expectations.