Home Maintenance: Three Practical Tips for Minimising Storm Damage

Storms, strong winds and hail can cause extensive damage to your home. Typically, the cost of repairing the affected elements on your residential property can be astronomical. Therefore, if the weather forecast indicates the possibility of a storm or the stormy season is coming up in your local region, you should take some precautions to protect your home. Proper preparation for the inclement weather can prevent significant damage or at least minimise the potential destruction. Here are practical tips to help you prepare your home for a storm.

Reinforce Vulnerable Elements

You should identify the elements in your home which are vulnerable to storm damage. If you are aware of the potential problems, you can reinforce the susceptible features, preventing structural deterioration. One of the most vulnerable structures in the home is the garage door. Garage doors are relatively light; they can be torn away when exposed to high winds. Therefore, you should have the stability of your door assessed. If the feature is weak, you can perform modifications such as reinforcing it with braces. However, under ideal circumstances, you should install a stronger door. You should also consider installing storm roller shutters over your windows and glass door for protection against dangerous projectiles.

Prune Your Landscape Trees

It is not uncommon for branches or even entire trees to fall during inclement weather. Therefore, if you are expecting a storm, you should maintain your trees appropriately. Proper care can minimise the risk of the entire plant falling and causing extensive damage to your house. Typically, when landscaping trees are exposed to the force of strong winds, the weak branches will break off first. They cannot withstand the pressure. Therefore, you should remove old, dead and diseased limbs from your trees before the forecasted storm. You should also thin out trees with crowded branches. This practice is beneficial because it will allow the strong winds to pass through and around the tree instead of exerting continuous pressure on the plant.

Clear the Outdoor Space

Finally, you should make time to clear your outdoor space. This process will help you eliminate any item which could become a dangerous projectile against your home. You should note that any random item that might be lying on your yard could become an airborne missile which could end up flying into your windows or roof. Therefore, when you learn about a possible storm, you should place these items such as garbage bins, outdoor toys and gardening tools in an enclosed and safe space.

If you do see damage to your property after a storm, contact a contractor who offers storm damage repair to find out what your next steps should be.