5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pontoon Boat

People who would like to own a pontoon boat have to decide whether they should get one with two tubes or the version with three tubes. This article discusses some of the factors that can help you to decide the number of tubes that would be appropriate on your pontoon boat.

Desired Travel Speed

The speed at which you intend to travel can help you to decide how many tubes your pontoon boat should have. Generally, pontoon boats with three tubes tend to have the capacity to travel faster than pontoon boats with two tubes. This is because the three-tube boats can be equipped with more powerful/bigger engines. Buy a two-tube pontoon boat in case you don't intend to travel fast.

Preferred Deck Size

Two-tube and three-tube pontoon boats also differ in terms of how big their decks are. Two-tube boats have smaller decks. Such pontoon boats are suitable in case you don't like having several people with you when you are out on the water. Three-tube boats have bigger decks that can accommodate several people (ten or more).

Additional Activities

The range of the additional activities that you intend to indulge in can also help you to select between two-tube and three-tube pontoon boats. Three-tube boats are a better choice for people who love watersports, such as skiing. The back of the boat has ample space to accommodate tow bars for skis. The bigger engine of the boat can also handle that added load easily. Two-tube boats are good for individuals who don't intend to engage in any additional activities that will strain the engine of the pontoon boat.

Your Budget

The resources that you have at your disposal can also determine whether you select a two-tube or three-tube pontoon boat. Three-tube boats tend to be more expensive because they require more materials to build. They are also equipped with bigger engines that cost more. Opt for a two-tube pontoon boat in case your budget is limited.

Water Calmness

Do you prefer boating leisurely in calm water? If your answer is yes, then two-tube pontoon boats are the right choice for you. Three-tube boats offer more stability in choppy water, such as when skiers want to ride a wave. The central tube helps to make the boat more stable in such conditions. Such additional stability features are of little use to someone who doesn't intend to go out when the water isn't calm.

No single pontoon boat is suitable for all buyers. Use the factors above to narrow down your options so that you don't spend more money than you need to when buying a pontoon boat.