Deciding Between Transformer Repair and Replacement

Very few people think about transformers and their role in supplying entire municipalities with electricity. When maintained well, a transformer can serve you for more than a decade. However, when neglected, they will get damaged before their time. One of the ways to lengthen the life and service of your transformers is to stay vigilant for signs of damage. You should call a technician for repairs if you notice signs of complications.

Three Reasons To Conduct An Asbestos Survey Before Purchasing A House In Australia

If you are considering purchasing a new home, it is important to have a thorough inspection conducted. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the risks of asbestos and fail to conduct an asbestos survey before they purchase a house. Here are three reasons why you should conduct an asbestos survey before purchasing any property in Australia. 1. An Asbestos Survey Will Identify Potential Problems Before They Arise An expert will be able to identify if any type of materials in your home contain asbestos or not.

Using Covid-19 Cleaning to Keep Your Workplace Safe

The Covid-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of responsibility when it comes to keeping your workplace safe. As an employer, you may need to tighten hygiene measures or introduce new ones to reduce the spread. If this is an area that you need to review, it may help to learn more about how you can reduce the spread of Covid-19 while at work. Replenish Hand Sanitiser and Soap Make sure the areas where your employees routinely wash their hands benefits from ample hand sanitiser and soap.

Making the Small Cracks in Your Plaster Ceiling Disappear

If you live in an older house, chances are high you have a plaster ceiling. While plaster ceilings can be a beautiful, long-lasting option for homes, they tend to develop small or hairline cracks about 1/8 inch wide over time. Oftentimes, these cracks are nothing more than a cosmetic issue that can be left alone. But if they bother you, it's easy to make them go away. Here's what to do to fix unsightly cracks in your plaster ceiling.

Choosing Steel Beams for Your Next Repair and Restoration Project

Structures need support from their surroundings to stand up to different forces and the natural elements. For them to do this, you must install accessories that transfer that weight to the building's support system. That's where steel beams come in handy. They carry the load from the whole structure and act as a bridge that transfers that load to the foundation, soil structure and other support mechanisms. Choosing the right steel beams means that your building enjoys a high degree of support, enabling it to withstand natural and artificial calamities.

Used Forklifts: Tips for Inspecting the Equipment Before Purchase

The cost of acquiring a new forklift is high. Therefore, if your business needs this equipment for core operations, consider choosing a used forklift. This option is cheaper than the new alternative. Moreover, if you purchase from a reputable dealer, you will get good performance and prolonged service. However, keep in mind that used forklifts might not always be in the best condition. Therefore, use the outlined tips to inspect the available equipment before purchase.

Power Transformer Repair: Promoting Good Performance and Preventing Accidents

Power transformers are designed and built for prolonged service. In simple terms, these structures are constructed using tough materials to prevent failure and premature ageing while working in high-demand industrial environments. Unfortunately, transformers can sustain damage and decline in function. Common malfunctions include overheating, short-circuiting, gassing and accessories failure. Most of these problems can be repaired. This option is cheaper than replacing the transformer, and it will promote better long-term performance.

The Importance of Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey

In today's property market, where new houses have become very expensive, people prefer to buy old homes and upgrade them through renovations. Not only are aged properties cheap, but they also allow owners to renovate and add a touch of personality. However, increasing cases of asbestos-related illnesses in the country are being linked to home renovations. As such, conveyancers are encouraging property buyers to conduct a pre-purchase asbestos survey before signing on the dotted line.

Why You May Need a Mechanised Approach to Rendering

Suppose you want to finish off a relatively small construction project around your home and may want to decorate an external wall. In that case, you might bring in a contractor who specialises in plastering or rendering. This individual would then use a very specific technique and would take advantage of the skills learned through apprenticeship and everyday work in order to complete the job to your satisfaction. Yet is this the right approach if you have a major commercial project on hand, or should you choose something that is a lot more mechanised instead?

Understanding Hazardous Waste Disposal

The first thing you should know is the different types of waste that are classified as hazardous waste and where you might come across them. To help you identify these types of waste, you should identify how and where you spend most of your day and night. The answer is likely simple: your home or workplace. You can then classify hazardous waste based on these areas. Home What cleaning products do you use?

Get a Proper Plaster Repair by Avoiding These Mistakes

Everyone loves the charm that comes with an old house. After some centuries, however, plaster ceilings can develop various issues. If you take the time to understand your plaster ceiling, you will manage to identify when it has problems. Once you notice your ceiling needs repair, it is best to plan for it. But you have to follow the right process for you to get the most from your plaster ceiling repair.

Top Transformer Safety Guidelines You Need To Know

Have you installed a transformer in your plant? While using machines that offer high amounts of voltages, such as transformers, safety must be prioritised, adhering to safety precautions will ensure that everyone, including your visitors and employees, is protected from risks. You don't need to be an engineer or an expert in electronics to protect everyone. Having basic knowledge regarding the design, installation, and operation of transformers will go a long way.

Safety precautions for asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is an essential yet dangerous process. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can expose workers or residents to life-threatening illnesses such as mesothelioma or lung disease. It is, therefore, necessary to follow the guide below to ensure safety during and after asbestos removal: Preparation of the area Before asbestos removal, it is vital to prepare the area designated as containing asbestos materials. This includes identifying the area as a hazard zone.

What You Should Know About Asbestos Surveys

If you are involved in the construction industry, you know the significance of asbestos auditing and how it helps manage risks caused by asbestos. Large amounts of materials that contain asbestos were previously used for various construction purposes in refurbished and new buildings until asbestos was banned. However, due to that initial extensive use of asbestos, there are still many properties that contain asbestos. If the asbestos materials are in excellent condition, they are aren't likely to be disturbed, so no risks are expected.

What Is Causing Water Damage To Your Timber Flooring?

Timber flooring is one of the biggest investments that you can make for your home. Whether you moved into a vintage house that needed hardwood-flooring restoration or if you constructed your residence and bought timber-flooring supplies, chances are you paid a considerable sum of money for the elegance and classic appeal that this flooring material provides. Therefore, most homeowners will engage in meticulous maintenance to ensure that their timber flooring remains in pristine condition for as long as possible.

4 Tips When Finishing A Stainless Steel Tube

Inexperienced people, such as hobbyists, who want to repair stainless steel tube for a food-grade application need to implement several measures to ensure that the repaired tube will be of acceptable quality for its application. This article discusses some helpful tips that can ensure that the repaired tube meets the expected quality standards. Be Patient  You should never rush when you are finishing a repair site in order to make it have a smooth finish which will deter the growth of microbes.

CNC Machining: Why It Beats Traditional Methods of Machining Parts

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a modern technique that uses computer software to create machined tools through the use of various materials such as steel, bronze, aluminium, gold, and other metals. CNC machining is an advancement from the traditional machining methods which used machine tools together with a sharp cutter to design material. With the old-school approach, the process is time-consuming, and there is no assurance that the parts will achieve 100% uniformity in design.

Home Maintenance: Three Practical Tips for Minimising Storm Damage

Storms, strong winds and hail can cause extensive damage to your home. Typically, the cost of repairing the affected elements on your residential property can be astronomical. Therefore, if the weather forecast indicates the possibility of a storm or the stormy season is coming up in your local region, you should take some precautions to protect your home. Proper preparation for the inclement weather can prevent significant damage or at least minimise the potential destruction.

3 Kinds of Structural Failures in Buildings

It is important for you to ask an engineer to make a correct diagnosis of any defects that you see or suspect in your building before attempting any repairs. This article discusses some of the most common structural defects that may occur in your home or commercial building. Concrete Failures Concrete can fail in two principal ways. The first is a failure of the material at the time it is prepared or poured.

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pontoon Boat

People who would like to own a pontoon boat have to decide whether they should get one with two tubes or the version with three tubes. This article discusses some of the factors that can help you to decide the number of tubes that would be appropriate on your pontoon boat. Desired Travel Speed The speed at which you intend to travel can help you to decide how many tubes your pontoon boat should have.

What Should You Know About Rising Damp Repairs?

As any building owner will attest, damp proofing is important as it helps stop moisture problems within the house. It refers to the steps taken to stop problems associated with moisture around the house. Should these steps not be taken, and dampness be allowed to occur, serious health problems may arise. Additionally, your house can suffer significant damage that will require extensive repair & restoration works. One of the best ways to prevent dampness is by hiring a floor waterproofing service.

Methods Used to Treat Rising Damp

Rising damp is the intake of moisture from the ground into the surrounding walls through the force of capillary action. Walls are typically made of bricks, mortar and plaster that contain many tiny pores. When moisture lingers around the base of walls for too long, it is bound to be sucked into the wall through these pores. Rising damp has been shown to cause multiple damages to walls, such as discolouration, peeling and loss of stability.

3 Shower Leaks You Should Check For

You should always try to isolate the cause of a leak in your shower because the amount of damage that can be done by such leaks is great. This is because you use the shower daily. This article discusses some of the places you should pay attention to as you trace the leak to its source. The Shower Pan Have you been noticing some water puddles underneath your shower pan? Don't assume that those leaks are from the shower pan itself.

How to Identify Ceiling Cracks Before Repairs

The type of crack that you see in your ceiling should guide you about the best repair method or products to use. This article discusses some of the kinds of cracks that you may see in your ceiling. Use this information as you decide how to fix that damage. Fine Straight Cracks Have you noticed a crack that forms a fine line running across the ceiling? Such a crack may be indicating that the joints between sections of the ceiling material were not taped appropriately.